Monday, October 8, 2007

More Serious Hapkido Thrashing

Well, for as much as I gripe about WTF Tae kwon Do sport fighting styles, the Koreans make up for it with Hapkido. Hapkido is simply one Bad-Ass fighting system.
Our old TKD school, under Master Tae Hong Choi, had one night a week that was just Hapkido, but it never got quite as flashy as the techniques in this video. I was so interested in Hapkido, I bought a rattan cane like the ones I'd seen the masters use. One class I happened to have my cane with me, and Master Choi saw it and flipped out. He loved it and proceded to give me a painful demonstration of how the Hapkido cane is used. In fact he loved the cane so much, he asked me if he could have it. Well, "of course" I said and handed him the cane. The loss of my cane was nothing compared to the honor of giving it to the Master of our system. Mr. Choi went on to use it in demonstrations and I had some first-hand lessons in the use of the cane. This video is Master Lee Chang Soo, and he does some pretty serious cane techniques toward the end of the video-- very nice!


Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

We did HKD every night. Ji Do Kwan has always been known for this.

We also learned HKD's bone & joint breaks. And how to treat them

What I haven't seen in anywhere in a while is the concepts of "killing mind" and "healing mind", I think Han Mu Do still teaches it.

In a nutshell, I saw a guy get a full power kick in the mid spine by another master and he dropped like a sack of potatos. But the other (Korean) master, in a panic set his back and fixed it.

Ah the old days.

Dojo Rat said...

Hi C.C.P:
We were Ji Do Kwan also.
But boy am I disapointed with Olympic-style sparring...
The Hapkido stuff is really, really great. More coming up.
Did you get my return E-mail about Bruce Lee contact people from Washington State?


JoseFreitas said...

Hey! Notice this: I think these guys are training or demoing in a hardwood floor! Pretty good falling skill....

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

Yes I did. Sorry for not getting back to you. Without saying too much in the public forum. But one of the Bruce Lee guys up your way was my Instructor's second instructor.

I won't say who just because I swore I'd respect privacies. But one of Bruce's guys was, well .. anyway I gave his contact info to Floyd and am trying to motivate Floyd to make the call.

I'm 80-90% certain that if Floyd does he'll make the Dante / James Lee poison hand link. (I know he will, if this guy helps).

Drop me a line sometime I know some other stuff if you're curious. But it is annoying that I think Floyd is missing some things I _KNOW_ are facts because he's talked to so many f-tards he probably figures I'm one too :).

And if you like HKD you'll like Diato-Ryu too :)

No comment on the Olympic sparring :)

Rick said...

The student really needed to be on his toes to take those breakfalls.

You might like this, it's a clip of an older hapkido gentleman:

Best Regards,


Rick said...

Many years ago (>30), I trained in Jidokwan under Won Chik Park in Detroit. He has since relocated to Texas somewhere. That was my first martial arts training.

Dojo Rat said...

Hi Rick, I had the old Hapkido master in a post a couple of days ago, very powerful guy!