Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hand Trapping Series #3

Grant Mathers

Edmonds on "Threading"

The first video in today's series shows Australian Grant Mathers demonstrating a simple, straightfoward trapping technique. Easy to see.
In the second video we see again see Edmonds demonstrating a more complex trap called "threading". Now the action is in very close, at grappling range. We have to remember, the trap need only be for a brief moment so that a hit can take place. This type of trap is NOT a joint immobilization for control, just an opportunity to hit. For the people out there that practice Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan, there is a move at the end of the first set, right after "parry and punch" that represents "threading". Some schools call it "serpent slides back", but after "parry and punch" the left "parry" hand sweeps under the punching arm right before the "push". This is also a version of "threading", and live drills like this point out the application in an otherwise obscure movement.
(edit.) Ah, and not to overlook the "Fan Jang" arm sweep in Bagua, I believe there is some "threading" going on there also!


Eric Zielke said...

FYI, Bobbe is a practitioner out of Renton, WA. He has a blog "thick as thieves" here: http://currythief.blogspot.com/

Very interesting guy.

Dojo Rat said...

Hey, thanks! I'll check his blog and contact him!