Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One For The Bagua Guys

This is somewhat obscure, but I find it really interesting; two examples of Bagua from Sun Xikun's lineage.
While based on Cheng-style Bagua and with an emphasis on grappling applications, these demonstrations by masters are completely different. The first is an unknown master because I can't read Chinese:

Now here is Master T.Y. Pang doing the same Bagua steps. Pang is the local Tai Chi Chuan and Bagua master that lives in our area, and I have been fortunate to meet him and visit at his house. This is the style of Bagua our Dojo practices. Note the fluid movement, the tight coiling and supple nature of the movements.

Master Pang trained directly with Sun Xikun, and judging from the age of the master in the previous video, I assume he may have also.

So what accounts for the difference in style? Pang is young in his video, but even at his age now, his unique movements are still present.
Sun Xikun style Bagua is rare, and it's interesting to see these two interpetations.


hermann said...

The master in the 1st vid is Wang Qi from Nanjing.
For me, the performances show much the same form with different emphasis, on finding the ends of a move or binding them endlessly togehter. It could be done by one and the same person so differently, like my Taiwan Cheng style Bagua teacher used to do, according his mood and training intention.

Dojo Rat said...

Thank you so much Hermann;

I was hoping some of you guys from Tiawan could fill in the missing information..

Dojo Rat said...