Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chinese Interest In UFO's Soaring

As China evolves into a quasi-capitalist society, long kept secrets are now being discussed. There are stories of giant red-haired warriors mummified with weapons and great wealth. There are huge pyramids that nobody can explain yet.
Now there have been a number of articles I have come across that have alleged ancient pictures and drawings depicting UFO's and strange aircraft:

Chinese scientist with carved depiction of UFO evidence

Combined with stories of immortals and ancient Chinese esoteric knowledge, Chinese lore points to evidence of UFO visitations:

Now here's a really interesting one:

Here's a close-up of the writing:

I have no idea if these drawings are faked or actual evidence of ancient UFO's in China, but if the one with the alien writing is real, it makes one wonder...

Here is a link for a bunch of recent articles about UFO's in China


Anonymous said...

I've often thought that once a society reaches a certain level of technological sophistication, their stories of fairies and other magical beings get reinterpreted as alien visitations. Also, the number of sightings of fairies (et al) decrease and sightings of aliens/UFOs increase. Since I grew up in the USA after that transition, it's interesting to see another nation reaching that level.

Dojo Rat said...

I agree.
Personally I believe the human race is a product of ancient genetic engineering.

Neil Bednar said...

Love your blog. A fellow martial artist, but find all your other stuff interesting and cool too.

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