Thursday, July 28, 2011


You poor bastards out there...

Sure, I remember the days when I had to drive miles through traffic to get to a crappy job first thing in the morning. That was for about three years in the late seventies-early eighties. Screw that, I've pretty much lived and worked in the country ever since.
So the other day I loaded up my trusty steed (International Lawn Tractor) and tools and headed off to work at various jobs here on the island, one small and two big mows.
Recently when I passed the cattle ranch I could see all the cattle on the west side of the road bunched up against the hundred year-old barbed wire and hedge-rows.
It later occurred to me that the guys had probably separated some of the half-grown calves from the rest of the herd. The calves were looking across the road at the rest of the herd on the east side of the valley. The fence didn't look like it would hold.
So I come around the corner to see my neighbors on horseback blocking the road, three men and three women and a couple of guys to open and close gates. This is the kind of traffic delay I can live with. It took about ten minutes, but they trotted the herd across the road to join the cows on the east side. The irony was not lost on me as I pulled away with my mechanical horse loaded up for work.

Something to think about next time you're stuck in traffic...

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