Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Dead Body Appears in Fox / News International / Murdoch Scandal

Old Prune-Face Rupert Murdoch and Trophy Wife Wendy

I can't help it.
This is the best political theater since the Iran-Contra hearings. By comparison, Clinton's Monica Lewinsky hearings were a big nothing. What we are watching here is the fall of the Murdoch empire.
This includes scores of newspapers, TV shows, and political propaganda units disguised as news services (Fox News).
For those that haven't been following, the parent company of Fox Fake News, News Corp. International is under investigation for a complex series of phone hacking, Police and informant pay-offs, bribes, intimidation and lies.
It has so far cost stock shareholders some ten billion dollars and they are pissed. The corruption has forced the resignations of the head of Scotland Yard, the head of News Corp. Rebeckah Brooks, and the head of The Wall Street Journal Les Hinton.
Rupert Murdoch, his son James and Ms. Brooks are testifying before Parliament right now:

Now, the dead body of the first whistle-blower, Sean Hoare has been found. The deceased is said to have had drug and alcohol problems, yet he was the first employee of "News of the World" that reported on Murdoch's illegal activities.
Here in the U.S., The Justice Department and FBI have begun their own investigation. Reporters here have disclosed information about a secret intelligence gathering operation run out of a secure room in the basement of Murdoch's New York offices.
The implications of this are huge.
In the U.S., Fox News has undue influence over politicians. Rumors of Blackmail and influence peddling are rampant.
This could be the biggest political scandal in thirty years, and it runs very, very deep...

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