Thursday, June 2, 2011

Northwest Fighter Tony King

Back in February and again last Saturday I had a chance to talk with Tony King. King is an up-and-coming pro fighter on the MMA circuit with (I believe) a 5-2 record. We talked at a bar for the "after fight" party, his fighter had defeated one of our Barbarian brothers and we compared notes.
This time we talked about defending against leg dives and a few bits of strategy.
Tony is a hell of a nice guy and his student told me Tony will be in one of the MMA TV reality shows. He's currently working out of Aces MMA in the Beaverton Oregon area.
One thing that clearly stands out about the MMA trend; the fighters conduct themselves like gentlemen, the fans in the crowd do not. I suppose it's no different than soccer, football or pro wrestling fans, they all tend to get drunk and act like hooligans.
But, so far, all the fighters I have met are serious, polite, and focused.
Here's a short promo they filmed at Aces MMA:

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