Friday, January 28, 2011

Where I'm Getting My Kung Fu Gear

First, let me say I currently have no affiliation and receive no compensation from this company. But every Dojo Rat has his price; Talk to me, Wing Lam...

It can be tough trying to find good training gear and weapons that are at the right price with good quality. I've been very satisfied with my purchases through Wing Lam Kung Fu.

I bought this nice Tai Chi Dao (saber) when we started learning the Wudang Saber form. I liked it so much, we bought another as a present for another student.
Here's the description:

"The Long Quan Tai Chi Dao (tai chi broadsword) is unique among dao broadswords. Its taper is much gentler than the more martial variety and has no flare. Two fullers extend down the blade, one nearly the entire way and one only a fraction of the length. The first third of the blade (the shoulder) is thicker than the rest for strength in parrying. It is fitted with a blade forged in China legendary Long Quan (dragon well) forges, by the Shen family smiths from combat (high carbon content) steel."

(D.R): The quality is good for the $139 price, it could certainly be deadly if sharpened. For now mine is left with the factory edge. You can see the forge marks, so it must have been hand worked rather than stamped out. If there is a possible weak point, it might be the threaded tang. But all-in-all, it's a pretty good weapon. There are dozens of other swords available, many appear to be custom-made and some are quite expensive.
The selection provides many that are affordable.

And I finally found some Tai Chi shoes that fit, wear well, and are the right price.
The problem with some kung fu shoes is they have a crappy plastic sole that provides no traction on hard floors. These shoes have a nice rubber sole that has a good grip on our wooden training floor. At $7.95 a pair, I stocked up and bought extras, but I haven't worn out the first set in nearly a years worth of use.
Because I wear heavy work boots all day, putting these light Tai Chi shoes on is a dream to work out in. The only time they tend to slip off is in grappling on the floor, but for form work, drills and light sparring, these are great.

I've been very happy with these products, and intend to shop at Wing Lam in the future. Here's the link for Wing Lam Enterprises

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Sean C. Ledig said...

I have to admit, I never cared much for WLE, mainly because their prices on weapons seemed higher than other dealers I've used, like Bok Lei Tat, Bok Lei Po, and Beijing Imports.

But last week I ordered a sword carrying case from them. It arrived six days later and it looks and works great.