Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Superheroes" Push Dojo Rat Over The Top

Above: "Superhero" Phoenix Jones
Below: Current Blog Stats

Today I fired up the computer and checked up on "Dojo Rat" as usual. I nearly spit hot tea all over the damned keyboard. The stats were through the roof, and I thought it might be a mistake.
As you can see, the last week we averaged around 500 unique visitors per day. That is, until Friday. Holy shit. 5,214 unique visitors.
So I started digging through the log in my statcounter and think I see what happened. Last November I wrote a piece on the "Rain City Superhero" movement. I was a little skeptical and somewhat critical of the seemingly useful crime fighters. It's not a far slide from there to some potentially dangerous vigilante action.
Enter the movie "Kick Ass":

Apparently, this superhero fantasy is catching on with the release of the movie. Over at "Bing", the MSN search engine, The Dojo Rat article is at the top of the list - above links to superhero articles at the "Daily Beast" and "Perez Hilton". Most of the incoming hits appear to be channeled through "Bing".
Another thing to note is how much traffic seems to go through smart phones and mobile devices now.
I don't know if this is an anomaly or possible trend, but I find it very interesting.


Steve Perry said...

Nice spike.

I saw where one of the masked crusaders got his ass kicked in Seattle recently, and the cops told him he should consider another hobby ...

Dojo Rat said...

It's a dangerous fantasy hobby.