Sunday, October 24, 2010

Martial "Art" vs. MMA: The Real Difference

From "Mind Over Matter - Higher Martial Arts", by Shi Ming:

"The position of refinement of consciousness in the theory and practice of martial arts is utterly critical. It pervades the fundamentals of training in martial arts as well as the most advanced level. This is the technical and theoretical core and quintessence of martial arts. To abandon this is tantamount to throwing away the living soul and fundamental work of the techniques and theories of martial arts, leaving only low level "external exercises" with their peculiarities of outward form, only retaining contents substantially much the same as any other pugilistic techniques.
The inner exercises and energy exercises of martial arts are inseparable from corresponding "consciousness exercises." Without going through the process of refinement of consciousness, there is no way for the inner and outer exercises of martial arts to progress into higher levels of effective work and spiritual states.
This is the sort of experience alluded to in the folk saying "If you practice martial arts without practicing meditation, when you get to be old, it will all be in vain."


I'll have a complete review of the book soon.

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