Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: "Needle Through Brick"

This Kung Fu documentary, "Needle Through Brick", literally brought tears to my eyes.
Set on the island of Borneo in Malaysia, this is one piece of cultural eye-candy that looks both forward and back in history.
Stemming from the horrors of The Japanese occupation and the Communist revolution in China, many Kung Fu Masters had fled to save the lives of their families. Malaysia is an exotic island archipelago where jungle meets sea, but like the rest of the world, technology has captured Borneo's youth culture.
"Needle Through Brick" examines the legacy of surviving Kung Fu masters, their attempt to pass on their knowledge, and the age-old gripe about "kids these days". The beautifully filmed movie traces the sorrow of knowledge lost to the promise of generational change, and within that change lie the seeds that keep traditional martial arts alive.
While students have drifted towards flashy Wushu or large organizations such as Tae Kwon Do, those who stick it out know something is missing... and eventually they seek out the traditional Masters for the true Kung Fu skills.
One of the stars of the documentary, Eric Ling, is featured in my links list at the website "Many Trees, 1 Forest". Ling has traveled far and wide collecting information from Kung fu Masters and is recognized as an expert in the subject. Ling's voice is one of many that speaks to the past and future of traditional martial arts, and an entire movie could probably be made about his career alone.
"Needle Through Brick" is touching, inspiring and informative.
The website for the film can be found at THIS LINK, and Eric Ling's websites can be found HERE.


AgentGenev said...

hey dojo rat, how come you are decrying the annihilation of culture and traditional knowledge. I thought you supported that by voting for the Democrat (Trotskist) party which is in charge of the same process in America?

I'm not a republican or tea party by the way.

Colin Wee said...

I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing.

Sean C. Ledig said...

Hey DR,

Thanks for sharing that. I'll have to order that DVD.

And Agent Genev, go fuck yourself you Neo-McCarthyist asshole! You claim you're not a Republican or a tea partier, but you spout their same bullshit.

Dojo Rat said...

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AgentGenev said...

i'm not concerned with ignorant people's biased nonsense.

You aren't ignorant by any means though, dojo rat. You're just a contradiction.