Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fun: Billy Bob Thornton - Redneck Kung Fu

I came across this gem from a previous post I did, and it just cracks me up. A great fight scene from a terribly depressing movie- "Chrystal".
Billy Bob Thornton uses open-hand strikes, shin kicks and a whole lot of Redneck humor in this outstanding fight scene.
Fear the lowly Shin Kick and Bitch Slap, you Redneck Meth-heads!!!


Sean C. Ledig said...

The video didn't embed right. But it's still a classic. You posted this before. I liked it then and I like it now!

Dojo Rat said...


Was it just the screen dimentions? I tried several settings and it stayed the same. I think it is now because of the HD viewing options on some video's now.
Otherwise, I hope it could be viewed, it seemed to work for me.

B said...

That lowly shin kick is a kung fu staple! Love the kick and the video -- now I need to see this movie!

Colin Wee said...

"Uncle Daddy" ... that's classic!

Good fight scene.


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