Friday, January 2, 2009

Man Disarms Attacker With .45

Man got more than he bargained for
The Associated Press
(12/31/08 02:19:28)
FAIRBANKS — A Fairbanks man who allegedly pulled a gun on a man skilled in the martial arts got more than he bargained for.
Jeffrey Walker, 44, said he was minding his own business last week at his apartment building when the neighbor below him called to complain his 2 year old was making too much noise.
"He just starts berating me, saying that if I can't shut the kid up, he'll shut him up," Walker said.
Walker, a former firefighter who has lived in Fairbanks for only about a year, thought his neighbor would call the police or the apartment manager to complain.
Instead, Walker said he showed up at his front door with a .45-caliber handgun. Walker leapt into action when he saw the man pull the gun out of his hoodie.
Walker grabbed the barrel of the gun and lifted it up with his left hand while simultaneously using his right hand to push the assailant's wrist and arm into his own head, effectively using the butt of the gun like a hammer.
"It only took about five seconds," Walker said.
While his girlfriend called police, he continued to hit the man until he stopped resisting.
Walker began studying bojuko, a form of self defense, when he was 25. Its creator says it teaches people who to eliminate threats with a variety of blocks, grapples and strikes.
Walker was able to reach level 3, which is the grade just below becoming an instructor.
Eric E. Backlund, 38, of Fairbanks was charged with third-degree assault, a felony.
When police arrived on the scene, they found him sitting in a pool of his own blood with Walker standing over him. He was treated for facial lacerations at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital before being arrested.

(D.R.)-- This guy is lucky he wasn't shot, but I guess you just react in these cases.
I've only had one gun pulled on me (so far) and I knew he wasn't going to use it when he stuffed it back under the seat of his car. He was scared of me, so I was able to walk over to his car, take the gun out from under the seat and throw it into a big patch of blackberry-bramble bushes.
-- The self-defense system the Fairbanks guy practiced was actually called "Bojuka".
It appears to be a reality-based system like Krav Maga. The website for "Bojuka" is HERE.


Hand2Hand said...

I'll be every anti-gun type is going to cite that article as evidence that: A) You don't need a gun to defend yourself and; B) that it's easy to disarm an armed attacker.

It's a great article, but I get into so many arguments with anti-gunners who say to me "You know kerrotty, so what do you need a gun for?"

These idiots must have watched "The Matrix" and thought it was a documentary and not science fiction.

BSM said...

Or they might cite it as a reason to have tighter rules...


Regardless, disarming someone who has a gun is a very risky proposition. That fellow should count himself as lucky for sure!

Dojo Rat said...

Ha,ha, pretty good

jeffwalker said...

Guess I should respond to this. It seems as people get caught up in styles or techniques I can only tell you that I was more of a student than just one specific style bojuka wing chin also jujitsu but my mindset is very much bojuka.. had the attacker done anything differant I would have adjusted to it
I do not consider myself" lucky" by any stretch I long ago made a decision that if any circumstance like this ever happened I would respond in this manneralot of these sites seem to troll on some styles and such my personal belief is that if you learn anything no matter what it is your less likely to be a victim and much more less likely to be a about guns..I wish we all had them that everyone carried because I know assholes like the one I had to deal with would more than likely would never have even picked up his phone knowing we were armed as well