Monday, December 22, 2008

Review: "The Chi Revolution", By Bruce Frantzis

For some reason, the stars have aligned in such a way to bring me into a deeper study of getting to know my body better. This just so happens as the Pacific Northwest is slammed with a two-week snowstorm, and except for cutting firewood I haven't been able to meet with any of The Dojo Rats for group workouts.
So into my life pops the first book of several I am going to review on how to experiance and cultivate Chi Flow.
In "The Chi Revolution", Bruce Frantzis provides a refreshing and understandable format to help us understand how we feel Chi in our bodies. I have many books on acupuncture meridian theory and five-element study, but there is so much deep knowledge in such topics a beginner could get lost in details.
Bruce Frantzis makes the distinction between western standards for fitness as opposed to an eastern tradition, based on Taoist energetic practices. Frantzis recalls meeting dynamic atheletes and Yoga masters that were outwardly fit and able, but had no continunity of movement in Tai Chi Chuan for instance. People can be outwardly fit, but disconnected internally. As described, this lack of internal presence can not only prevent heathy organ function, it may not make potential illness identifiable.
While dealing with the seemingly mysterious notion of Chi energy, Frantzis offers suggestions of how to recognize the feeling in our bodies. The occasional stimulation, the shiver up your spine, the warm glow of a lover. His treatment of chi flow during the sex act really stands out against what is often viewed as a life of monastic chastity to achieve enlightenment.
For those of us that already practice Chi Gong, Internal Martial Arts or both, Frantzis provides us with a matrix of ideas in which to feel, experiment and get more out of our practice.
For those new to the concept, "The Chi Revolution" has simple, easy to practice "Chi Rev" exercises to get people off to a good start. These include:
* Longevity breathing
* Chi scanning
* Chi balencing
* Freeing trapped Chi
"The Chi Revolution" explores enhanced energy flow in relation to spirituality, meditation, Internal Martial Arts and the ancient philosophy embedded in the "I Ching".
I found the practical information in this book to be very helpful to my ongoing learning process, martial arts, health and relaxation. I hope you will too.
Check out "The Chi Revolution", and other works at this Bruce Frantzis Energy Arts Link.

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Martial Arts Mom said...

Sounds interesting. I'll have to see if the library has it. I can't afford to purchase books, but I love me some library! Thanks for the review!