Friday, December 19, 2008

Humor: A Little Holiday Green

Well you can probably tell I'm still snowed in, about 5 more inches yesterday. So what to do but spend time surfing the fetid waters of the internet...

-And oh my freakin' DNA, this is the funniest damned story I have read in a long time. I mean I KNOW THESE PEOPLE! (Actually, people just like them). If you have the time, and want a good laugh, read this story of life on a California pot farm during harvest time. I mean, this is laugh-your-ass-off funny -- and believe me, this is absolutely how these operations are run. Here's a sample:

"If the production of weed were legal, trimming
weed in Humboldt would be a lot like the seasonal
job of stomping wine in France. It is not legal, so
trimming weed in Humboldt is like cooking meth in
Kentucky. What can I tell you about going to work
on a weed farm that the Grower, The Trimmers and
The Landowner won't kill me for? Soft criminals are
especially tense about getting put in cages by men
with guns.
For the sake of this story I will posit that every
Grower is, due to certain skill sets and predilections,
essentially the same kind of guy. All Growers have
three shitty houses but don't live anywhere in particular;
all Growers are trigger hippies who learned all
Growers have a truck, a dog and an ex-girlfriend
with an axe to grind; etc. I don't know if crime makes
cliches come true or if it's the other way around, but
I would guess that a variation of the following drama
is acted out in remote camps across Humboldt every
year at harvest time".

Here's the LINK

I promise I'll get back to martial arts, coming up soon...

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