Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Salute To "The Nutcracker"

What is it about groin kicks?
Is it merely instinct to both protect our testicles and target those of an opponent?
Or is it a deeper psychological projection of emasculation?
- At our old Tae Kwon Do school, one of the guys was sparring with a little guy named Pablo. Pablo was a Mexican national champion. Well, the other guy had his leg held high in a round kick and Pablo accidently kicked him in the nuts. The guy was not wearing a cup, and Pablo blew out one of the guy's testicles. Ouch, I guess that's why evolution gave us two of them. It also highlights the risk of high kicks.
So for the next few days we will explore the agony of "The Nutcracker"...


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Hand2Hand said...

When I was 17, we were playing a game in my karate class called "Escape." Basically, everyone (about a dozen) of us went onto the mat. A black belt at each corner refereed.

Basically, it was a free-for-all with sport karate rules. As soon as the ref called a single point against you, you left the mat. It went on until one person was left.

I was so worried about the club's top fighter, that I didn't see another classmate come behind me with a round kick. Guess where it landed!

It was one of two times I was knocked out in practice.

It seems like the only time I took a shot to the groin was the nights I forgot to wear my cup.

Interesting topic. There's a lot to be said on it.

Also, I recall a great episode of "King of the Hill." Hank was worried because his son was being bullied at school. He sent Bobby to the YMCA to learn self defense.

Hank thought by self defense, Bobby was going to learn boxing. Instead, Bobby wound up in one of those Model Mugging classes and learned to bully the other kids by kicking them in the balls.

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