Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Blog: Kung-Fu Cha

No, It's NOT Pot

Well, well... There's another blog out there that mixes two of my favorite things in a topical forum. I'm not talking about Beer and Girls, or Beer and Shooting Guns, or Beer and Beer. It's Kung-Fu Cha (LINK HERE), which combines the love of fine Tea and the study of Wing Chun Kung Fu.
I myself quit coffee about 15 years ago, in favor of Tea. It's cleaner in your system, and can either have a lot of caffine or just a little. I still love the smell of good coffee, but really, really like tea.
The author of the Blog, "Proinsias", is really into profiling exotic varieties of tea from all over the world, and has links for those who are interested in shopping around. The descriptions of various Teas are so vivid you can almost taste them:

"It is an enjoyable and warming tea, that much I am sure of.
The 17 odd years of storage have imparted a shu like quality to the brew. It reminds me of the best bits of good quality compost, in a good way, which again may not be too far from the forest floor that St├ęphane recalls. . There is almost nothing in the way of bitterness or astringency detectable. I do not have a great deal of experience with pu-erh but I would hazard a guess that this was not stored in the Sahara."

That's great writing. And the posts on Kung Fu are pretty good too.
Go on over to the link posted above and check out "Kung-Fu Cha", It's Tea time!


Hand2Hand said...

Thanks for the link! I took a look at that guy's site.

I like what he wrote about a fourth Wing Chun form. There actually is a fourth form as practiced in mainland China.

It looks like we should have a lot to talk about.

Proinsias said...

I certainly don't mind having a post dedicated to a glowing review of my ramblings on one of my favourite blogs.In fact I'm rather pleased about the whole thing.

I used to spend far more time looking for martial arts videos on youtube and wondering what other, better informed, people thought of them, the majority of youtube user comments are not usually enough to keep me happy. Now I just have to drop by here once in a while and everything is done for me plus quite a bit extra, cheers.

If you're interested in tea blogging there are far better than myself out there.
I would head for Marshaln's or Hobbes' blog first if you wish to be taken aback at the dedication to tea and blogging. Hobbes' even mixes in a good dose of zen.



I suspect this post may be of interest to you:


Thanks again.


Dojo Rat said...

Thanks for the links!

And this may be out of your field, but have you had any experiance making your own Kombucha, the mushroom-based health tea?

Proinsias said...

I've never made my own kombucha, one of those things I plan on getting round to one day......soon(ish).

I've been advised by a few kombucha makers to head for the yahoo group first. Expressing some interest and willingness to pay postage should get you a lot of advice and a free scoby.


Proinsias said...

I was confused for a second, I though I had a second life... but it is not the same Proinsias.

Anonymous said...

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