Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Open Forum

I always tell my friends who play sports:
Why don't you do something safe, like Karate???

Feel free to use the comment section today for an open forum


Charles James said...

Hi, DR

I sometimes wonder when I see so many other endeavors that result in what your great pic dipicts. I am glad I practice karate...safer...hehehe

Dojo Rat said...


I see more of my over-the-hill friends get hurt trying 40+year-old skateboard antics than I got hurt in my entire Tae Kwon Do training years.
I have another very bizarre Soccer photo that I am saving for later...

JoseFreitas said...

Yeah, in years of Karate and Kung fu the worst injuries I've seen is busted ribs, and busted toes and busted fingers. Pretty much. My friends who are into biking, weight training or racketball seem to be much the worse than I am, especially now that we're hitting our mid-40's.

If you modulate the intensity of your training to your age and physical ability, I believe MAs are some of the safest "sports" you an practice. It would be interesting to see actual statistics.

Hand2Hand said...

Like I always tell people, you have the potential for injury no matter what sport or exercise you take part in.

I messed up my knees in martial arts, but it was also martial arts that helped them to recover. Meanwhile, I've known many tennis players, runners, rock climbers and others who've had to give up their sport of choice because of chronic knee pain.

On a distantly-related topic, I used to get criticized for my interests in martial arts and boxing because of the violence, especially while I was in high school.

But I have to say, the most violent jocks I knew in high school were not martial artists or boxers - it was the members of the football and hockey teams. Those guys functioned a lot like gangs off the field.

I'm not slamming all football or hockey players. Just my observations from my high school.

Dojo Rat said...

I agree with your assessment of Football players. I was a wrestler and gymnast in High school. The football coaches tried for three years to get me on the team. I finally did in my junior year. The coaches were like no other team coaches. They yelled at the kids and even slapped them around. I could not respect them. It definately did create a "gang" mentality, and that was the only year I played football.

Anonymous said...

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