Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mike Martello: New Prices For Training Camp In China

Mike Martello wrote me the other day to let us know the prices have been reduced for his July 2008 training camp in China. A video of the intense training and beautiful locations are at THIS DOJO RAT POST.
Mike is one of the best instructors I have trained with-- 5'2" of intense energy and instruction with a heavy dose of humor. It's an absolute pleasure to learn from Mike, and for more information on this summer's training camp in China, please go to his website linked HERE.
In the mean time, watch this video of him giving his student a sound thrashing!


Bob Patterson said...

If I only had the money! Ah, some day perhaps...

If that local Chin na I'm considering is half as good as what's in the video I'll be happy.



Hand2Hand said...

Damn. Here I am having a hard time scraping up enough for a kwan dao and entry fees to the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship in Orlando and you have to plug these tours!

DR, why must you torture us so?!