Thursday, March 22, 2007

REPOST: Joint Lock Flow Drill

A little light net traffic, so time for a repost of a great joint lock flow drill we did that some of you might have missed.
It's pretty damned hard to get locks on people who are combative, and once you get one you constantly have to adjust to maintain control. So, aside from the obvious satisfaction of having me get thrashed from one lock to another, my training partner is learning to remain in a stable fighting position and adapt to my movement with a different lock.
Now, the point is that the fighting method is not to attempt to use a series of locks to defeat an opponent, but rather if you get a lock on and something starts to go wrong you have other options. There are about ten of these patterns we have worked on, and they are challenging and lots of fun. The idea is to keep the pressure on the original lock during transition and only release it when the next lock is in place. If there is a gap, your opponent will feel it and slip out.
Do NOT use snapping pressure or your training partner will get injured. Slow, consistant pressure will insure that both partners will learn from the drill and continue on.
The Ryukyu Kenpo guys have a saying: "Lock to strike, strike to lock". Joint locking in a defense situation is always risky, and should only be used to spare an attacker (or drunk friend) from an otherwise severe beating.
Our Dojo has had some camera problems, but now with the longer days and more light we may be able to put together some more video of stuff we've been doing

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Silverstar said...

That was a very interesting video, stressing the importance of being flexible in your techniques and adapting to your opponents different movements. Thanks for sharing.:)