Sunday, March 4, 2007

New Links

Time to cover a few new links I really enjoy. Direct links are at right of Blog.

Formosa Neijia is a blog by a guy that moved to Taiwan in 2000 to deeply explore the Chinese martial arts. It's a great site with a true feel for the current state of the arts in a place where there are probably more old masters alive than anywhere else in the world.
Cloud Hands is a site by Mike Garofalo, who includes Yoga and Gardening as well as a tremendous amount of archived research and links. Really a fun read, and I have followed many of his links to other great websites.
And Martial Views is another well produced website by John Vesia of Long Island, New York. His primary style is Isshinryu Karate, but his writing and knowledge base cover a wide variety of arts and related issues.
-- Lastly, if you haven't read the blog "Searching For Count Dante", please check it out. Floyd Webb is producing and filming a movie documentary about the life and times of the legendary "Count Dante". You absolutely can't believe all the old masters and gangsters that pop up in his Blog as he puts together interviews for the film. The man is on a true artistic and historical quest, and I love his work.
Please go to the links at the right of the blog and make a few visits!

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