Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ice Age: At Least We Still Have Cold Beer

Yee-Hawww... More drama and trauma on the Northern Frontier. We got hit with a gunuine NorEaster and it aint over yet. Sunday-Monday saw a foot or more of snow, and we are expecting four to six more inches tonight. So today, while my brother way down south packs for his family vacation in Hawaii, I will spend the second day on my back in the snow repairing broken waterlines. We had to cut our way out through the trees that fell across the road, but still can't get our trucks out, chains and all. There is very little traffic around our community, and people are starting to get cabin fever. The dogs and cats seem to love it, but the critters in the woods are having a hard time.
The picture above shows how much weight is on the trees. We've got branches and whole trees down everywhere. Pictured with the Rat is the Rat Dog, delivering a large bag of Beer to one of our neighbors, who had run out. I definitely know why Alaska (still further north) has such a high rate of alcoholism. I consider that a survival mechanism.
With all the storm damage, frosty hangovers and broken waterlines-- it is beautiful out there. The neighbors are banding together and everything has a mandatory "time-out".
Now we can appreciate that record-setting 12 inches of rain we had this November...

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