Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fiddles 'n' Vittles: The Art Of Living Simply

So, we've hit on the Martial arts, the Political arts, and now the "Art of living simply". Pictured above is something resembling "The Rat's Nest Symphony". This, of course is from a previous finger-lickin'-good celebration, on our first ramshackle pioneer stage. We now have the new and improved stage, complete with milled lumber, tiki torches, tequila hot-pepper christmas lights and pirate flag.
Thanksgiving is the Rat's favorite holiday; no huge family obligations, good friends, too much food and drink. No TV football, thanks. Maybe shoot some guns and play a little music.
Up here in Da Land 'O' Rat, We don't have a lot of money for elaborate settings or exotic holiday travel, but boy do we have some fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

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