Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back to Lock-Flow Drills

Ok, let's all put our shirts back on and take in some more lock-flow drills demonstrated by our training partner Corey:


This flow transitions between kote gaeshi and nikkyo, with a thumblock in the transition.


Now a little more complex. Note the transition to the "escort" hold, this is the hallmark of this flow.

And here's where Corey credit's these flow drills:

"Joint Lock flows 1-7 were learned from Leon Jay, Will Higginbotham, and developed by Corey Wiscomb. These were recorded in May of 2001"

I already posted #3. so we will skip to #4-#7 later this week.

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Toldain said...

I thought the techniques looked familiar, and then you mentioned Leon Jay, et al.

Henry Okazaki and his danzanryu system rulez!