Monday, May 7, 2012

The Difference Between Xingyi, Tai Chi and Bagua

We attended another great seminar with our Tai Chi Chuan instructor Michael Gilman this weekend. In this session we completed the traditional 54-move sword form, but more on that later this week.

After the seminar several of the students gathered at our favorite watering hole, slammed beer and talked about the Chinese Internal Martial Arts. One of our friends came up with this quote from her instructor that was so good I wrote it down:

In Xingyi you wait for the opponent to come to the door, then you kick it in.

In Tai Chi Chuan, you wait for him to come outside, then you steal his key and let yourself in.

In Bagua you ignore the front door and move around the house to go in through a side window or back door...

Well said, well said!

More on the wild night of the "Super moon" and the crazy stuff that happened that night coming soon...


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I *just* watched the Jet Li movie "The One" in which he uses Xingyi for one of the characters he plays and Bagua for another, to help define who those characters were. It's a popcorn movie ... but it's a *good* popcorn movie. Knowing that it's a movie with "movie martial arts", I'd love your opinion of his Xingyi and Bagua in the movie.

Dojo Rat said...

I haven't seen the entire movie, just one scene where he was doing some Bagua.
It looked pretty good, I'll have to watch the whole thing - thanks for reminding me

Dojo Rat said...
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