Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow on The Saloon

Well, we've been snowed in most of this week up on our undisclosed secret island hideout. Took the 4wd out one day and it turned into a sled ride. The wife was driving down a steep hill with ice and snow, got a little sideways and had a slow-motion slide that left us perched over an 8-ft bank looking into the woods.

So we sat there with the truck tipping back and forth, about to take a slow roll.
-My wife did great. I told her to turn the wheels directly downhill and drop into the woods, aiming for a neighbor's driveway below. She goosed it down the bank, through the neighbors and back up onto the road.
Made a run to our village store, about twenty minutes away. Of course, it's right next to the local Tavern, so...

Swamp Ridge Saloon

Meanwhile, back at the ranch;
Last night a couple of friends that live nearby walked down to our Saloon. We had a good fire in the wood stove, a keg of Manny's Ale along with multiple shots of Tequila.
The weather is breaking south of us, but up on the border islands we are blanketed with cold Canadian polar air and the snow hasn't started to melt.
Burning tons of firewood, reading, watching re-runs of Matlock and Gunsmoke...

Hey, I know it's not Minnesota, but when this stuff goes on for more than a week it gets a little old!

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Bob Patterson said...

That missile cracks me up every time.