Thursday, March 10, 2011

Check Out "Tai Chi With Melissa"

It's always great to find a well thought-out Blog on Tai Chi Chuan, and this is a good one.
Dr. Melissa Smith has a PhD. in English Literature with a specialization in Shakespeare, Renaissance drama, and early women writers. The posts I read are clear, informative and obviously well written. Some of the posts currently up include a very detailed study of osteoarthritis, Melissa's take on Taoism, and a piece on the development of Kung Fu animal forms.
Here's a great video Melissa included of a Kitten in slow motion showing why the ancients tried to capture that powerful animal energy in their Kung Fu:

Dr. Melissa Smith trains with Dr. Christopher Young in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.
Check out "Tai Chi With Melissa" at this link.


Zacky Chan said...

Wow, very interesting. Adding it to the bloglist now.

PussyLuvr said...

There's a great book from the 1970's called "T'ai-chi Nude". It's a large format paperback and has something for both sexes.