Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fun: The Bruce Lee Screen Test

I've never been the biggest Bruce Lee fan, but this is pretty damned good.
Here Lee is in the presence of Hollywood greats, and actually displays some humility along with his legendary confidence. He's been kept awake by his newborn son for three nights, yet is fresh, clearheaded and fast. He has a sense of humor as he displays the characters of classic Chinese opera.
Oh, if this guy had only lived a long life. How would he have grown and changed?


Charles James said...

Hi, DR: Every so many years someone will bring this one out and show it again and it is always, in my view, the best of Bruce's career.

To me he had not gone totally Hollywood yet and it shows in this clip.

He is relaxed and very, very fast which along with his attention to proper form makes for a great action movie.

When I first say him in a movie it was, I believe, one of the first B type movies shown in this country, Fists of Fury.

Not long after, i.e. seventies I think, came Kung Fu the TV show...I and many young Marines at Lejeune never, unless on duty or in the field, missed an episode.

Gotta luv this stuff.

Charles James said...

Oh, the early movies are just cult classics now...:-)