Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me, And A Tribute To The Late Dennis Hopper

Yes, today is the Geo-Rotational celebration of when ol' Dojo Rat first appeared on the planet, and here's a little example of what I got for my birthday:

Oh Boy!

And what the hell, I think I'll take this opportunity to mention the passing of Dennis Hopper, the Drug-crazed actor that is best remembered for his 1969 movie "Easy Rider"

But Hopper was in countless westerns and other movies such as "Hoosiers" and "Apocalypse Now".
Here is a very creepy piece of a 1961 horror movie Hopper stared in called "Night Tide. The mysterious woman that enters the room is Marjorie Cameron, an actual Witch in the Crowley tradition and wife of Jack Parsons:

And here is a very short, hilarious clip of Hopper as "Frank" in the freakish movie "Blue Velvet"

On an interesting note; I read an interview with Hopper that talked about how he used his paranoid personality as a vehicle in his acting.
He told the interviewer that his father had worked for the O.S.S, the precursor agency of the CIA. When he was very young, he was told his father had died in the war. Several years later, his father returned alive, and the "death" story was a cover as he was a spy.
That's enough to make a guy a little paranoid, eh?

R.I.P Dennis Hopper


Patrick Parker said...

Good grief! They let people your age get even older!?

You're already nearly as decrepit as Sensei Strange!


Happy birthday, dude!

Sean C. Ledig said...

Happy B-day DR,

You got a pair of tits for your birthday? Oh well. What else do you give the man who has everything?

Yeah, few people could play whacked-out nutjobs better than Dennis Hopper. I liked him as an American neo-Nazi on "The Twilight Zone."

I also liked him as the pot dealer in "River's Edge." He stood out in movie full of wackos in that one.

Sensei Strange said...

Decrepit? What the...??

As I recall it was YOU, Mr Parker, hobbling around last weekend reeking of hippie herbs for your swollen Man-gina.

Decrepit indeed. DR is way older, weaker, uglier and fatter than me. Err... I mean Happy Birthday DR!

I am hoping for DR that that is a picture of his wife, or at least his wife's girlfriend. Maybe his wife let him look at nudey pictures on the interweb for his birthday.

Dojo Rat said...

One of these days I'll put in my false teeth and grab my walker, get on a train (never been on a plane in my life) and come down to Mokuren Dojo so you can beat me up in front of your students.

I just borrowed the Tits for -uh- about twenty minutes.

Sensei Strange;
Young Skywalker, someday you too will be old and decrepit like me, my young clone!

Anonymous said...

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