Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Watch This Guy Get Away!

Well, I don't know what these Cops got this guy down for, he may have been freaking the attendant of the Gas/Mart out, as he is either putting on a great act or is "a little touched"
Sure the Police have tough jobs, but they blow this one. I think they:
1. could have de-escalated the incident or;
2. cuffed him quicker and got him in the car
3. they did not have him fully under control
4. they tase him for no real reason
5. they fail, he gets away.
Now, as far as the guy:
1. this is the best case of passive resistance I have seen
2. he baffles them with mumbo jumbo and waits for his chance
3. he has the power of the video to keep the Cops from using too much force
4. he successfully gets away

-- I have to say, as long as he's not a serious offender, I can't help but root for the underdog in this one...


Patrick Parker said...

I generally come down on the side of cops in nearly all situations, but that was awesome. Did they just put two rookies together in a team? If these guys are not rookies then they are numbskulls for all the reasons you listed.

Wim Demeere said...

Dunno... We weren't thee to see what happened before the camera is turned on...

First thing the officer says is that there's a warrant out for the guy. I don't know US law but if that's the case, I doubt it's the responsibility of the officer to "look it up because it's only because I changed my name". So anything the guy says seems irrelevant. He could after all... *gasp* be lying through his teeth. :-)

As far as I see it:
He gets told he's under arrest, that he is resisting, then he gets tasered when he still doesn't comply. He doesn't deserve to escape IMO. Or maybe he does because now he's gonna get another warrant to arrest him... :-)

Bear in mind: I'm of the opinion that when the police tell you something, you do it. When they arrest you, resisting is rarely the right thing to do. The only scenario I can think off is when arrest means they will kill you. I really doubt that was the case here.

Just my assh... I mean opinion. :-)


Charles James said...

Hi, DR:

The arrest'ee was interesting to listen to YET...we don't have the whole story...if you get the entire story I would be interested in it.


Dojo Rat said...

No idea what the rest of the story was.
I still say the entire situation was mishandled.
At least they didn't shoot him.
I didn't hear the talk about the warrant at first, but I think you may be right Wim.

Dojo Rat said...

Also, The Taser was used as punishment, not as a defensive tactic.
Bad in my book.