Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't Mess With These Guys In Tampa, Florida!

So we're starting a new series on Dojo Rat, inspired by Kostas' E-mail and link of training in the park in Athens Greece.
-It's called 'Don't Mess With These Guys" in (your town here).
If you have a scrapy group of Dojo Rats that train on a serious basis, send in your picture and a description of your training and introduce your self to fellow Dojo Rats all over the world.
--Again, please, no commercial Dojos, We're looking for small groups that train "outside the box".
Contact at

Here's from reader and fellow Dojo Rat Sean Ledig, AKA "Hand 2 Hand":

Hey DR,
It's all I currently have on my computer. I'm practicing siniwalis with Anthony Chan at a jujitsu dojo in 1996 owned by a mutual friend in one picture. The other was shot in my yard, as part of an article for Inside Kung Fu in 1998. We're practicing some knife techniques.
In 13 years, Tony and I have trained at the weight room of his old apartment complex, in a vacant apartment in that same complex and in his garage or outside in the street on the cul-de-sac where he lives. He's taught me Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Tribal Arts and some Hung Ga (which he learned from his mother) in exchange for my teaching him Wing Chun and Taiji.
Tony has played host and we've traded techniques with guys from pretty much every style, including Yoshukai, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Escrima, Kali, Arnis, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Yau Kung Mun, Jeet Kune Do, Silat, Shaolin Five Animals, etc. He's also hosted a pro-wrestler and many members of a local film makers group who came to Tony for his help in choreographing fight scenes.
What can I say? Chan is more than my instructor and training partner. The man is closer to me than my own brother.

Sean Ledig and Anthony Chan


K T said...

Also near the Tampa area, is FCS Kali founder Ray Dionaldo. I have attended one of his seminars, and also been for a beer with Ray and his assistants - they are great guys (Mark Cody, Ray Cole) - Ray is an interesting person, and very gifted Kali man.

Not always easy to get hold of, but very capable - a true "artist" in how he wields stick, knife, and kerambit.

Sean, if you have the time and inclination, you may wish to check him out, if you've not done so already.

Also, nice to see that someone else other than myself, sent in a few photos to Dojo Rat.

- Kostas

Hand2Hand said...

Hey Kostas,

Yes, I know Ray. Two of my instructors, Tony Chan and Don Weiss have trained with him. I'm not what you'd call a regular student of his, but I've worked out with him a couple of times over at Tony's house. Ray is one of many, many guys who've come to Tony's house to swap techniques.

It's funny, but when I tell other martial artists I'm from Tampa, they ask if I've trained with Ray.

You're right - Ray's a great guy. The fact that Tony Chan was so taken with him as an instructor says a lot. Tony was one helluva FMA guy even before he met Ray.