Thursday, November 15, 2007

Old School #4: Savate

Ah-Hahahaha! Argh! Oh-my-god this is funny. From yesterday's video of the superb (Sword catching) to today's video of the absurd. Here we see a Gentlemen's demonstration of Savate, from 1934. It looks like "Pretty Pierre" has an edge over "Battling" Gaston. As crappy as this demo is, French streetfighting of the era was very nasty, employing razors, canes and the like.
For a more efficiant display of Savate, check out this link to "Boot To The Head", and the California Savate Association. They have a great video clip of a California Savate fighter knocking out a Muay Thai fighter in the first round!
D.R. (edit)-- How could I forget; "The French, they are so strange to meet - They "F" with their tongues and fight with their feet"!


Hand2Hand said...

I liked both savate videos. I'm really enjoying this "Old School" week on Dojo Rat.

I do have one question about that Savate vs. Muay Thai fight. Were the fighters allowed to clinch? That could have made all the difference. Muay Thai guys are hell in the plam.

Dojo Rat said...

yea, I didn't see knees or shin kicks...

Sa Bum Nim Pieschala said...

I bet the Nazi's were terrorized of this ;-). Oh no Fritz, das ist da vay of fvighting wistout fvighting. Har-Har!

Why are there trees in Paris?
So Germans can martch in shade.

Just kidding! Vraiment, je me rire donc les frencais sont tres dur ;-)