Friday, April 27, 2007

Internal Energy- Is It Real?

Dr. Kanzawa puts animals to sleep

Here is a Japanese TV show where a Dr. Kanzawa, who is a QiGong master, allegedly puts animals to sleep. Now, it looks pretty convincing, but it's possible that it is staged. I thought this fit pretty well with the last post on Internal energy, and I'll cut-and -paste my post on the controversy of "no touch knockouts" on to this also; hope people don't mind a rehash of this subject.
*** Also, the Dojo Rats are planning an off-island adventure this weekend to train in Sun-style Bagua with Jake Burroughs and Tim Cartmel. Cartmel is a well-known Internal martial artist and author of "Effortless Combat Throws" and several other books. We will provide updates if we survive the seminar...***

-- From January; "No Touch Knockouts"
There is probably no technique more controversial in the martial arts as the phenomenon of the "no-touch knockout".
For years I have seen video and actual demonstrations of pressure-point knockouts, mostly performed by George Dillman and his students of Ryukyu Kenpo. While the theory for these light-touch knockouts has a foundation in the Chinese five-element science and meridian pathways of the body, there are also explanations by western medicine. There are obvious "release points" on the body, as when the doctor hits below your knee with the rubber hammer and your leg moves. So there is no suprise that when you jerk a persons body one way, even with a minor strike, and slap a point on the head, driving it the other way, something's gonna' give. Bruce Everett Miller describes in his book "The Complete Book of Light Force Knockouts", how even a subtle movement of the brain rebounding from one side of the skull pan to the other will cause a knockout. There are also techniques that can send overload signals to the brain, which shuts down as a matter of self-protection. This is also done when an internal organ is affected with a sharp impact, which may be a light-touch if directed expertly. The blood is forced out of the organ and the nervous system senses a sharp rise in blood pressure. The strike is withdrawn, and blood rushes back to the organ causing a drop in pressure. This mixed signal again shuts down the brain, causing a knockout. Don't try this stuff at home, kids. Despite mystical explanations, much of this can be understood.
No-touch knockouts are a whole different thing. They occur without any contact at all, and I have witnessed several great examples. I have also seen some miserable failures.
No-touch ko's border on shamanic mysticism, hypnosis and sometimes hoax. I myself have dabbled with pendulums and dowsing rods, and can find buried electrical and water lines. I have no doubt that we are capeable of sensing things that are not otherwise evident to our eyes, ears or cognitive thinking. Likewise, humans have been involved in inducing trances since the dawn of time. This was brought to the west in the early 1800's by Franz Anton Mesmer, hence the term "Mesmerism". Mesmer practiced his art as a healing mechanism, but I have seen old drawings depicting him performing "no-touch ko's". Many of us have also seen evangelical preachers get a crowd wound-up and someone will pass out, "touched by the hand of god". Whatever...
The point is, despite some attempts I have witnessed that have failed, something is going on. I spoke with Jack Hogan (pictured above) after a seminar several years ago. He had demonstrated the ko pictured above, and detailed an experiment by George Dillman that he had recently witnessed. Dillman and his students hooked people up to medical equipment such as ekg's. Blood pressure, heart rate and other body functions were measured. Serious, serious effects were regestered, and the most severe were due to no-touch ko's. Dan McCusky told me That the wife of one practitioner complained that her husband pissed blood after every no-touch ko that he performed - on other people! The inference is that this practice has an effect on the person performing the knockout, and of course the kidneys are the root of certain energies in Chinese theory.
There is another interesting book on this subject; "The Men Who Stare At Goats" by Jon Ronson. In it, Ronson details how the U.S. military has experimented in this technology. I have also read accounts about the Russians getting really deep into this stuff. You can bet there are things going on out there in the field of psychic warfare that we have absolutely no idea about.
Like anything, if you believe in something, that is your reality. Can non-believers remain unaffected by induced psychic trauma? Perhaps.
But who really knows what is guiding the whirlwind of events that shape and form our lives, in a world where quantum physics is proving that everything is indeed...connected.
***(EDIT): Note how in the drawing of Anton Mesmer he is using a cat stance, that is only the toes of one foot touching. This is the same type of energetic manipulation Dillman uses. In Dillman's case he drops into the cat or alternates lifting his toes with the foot flat and moving to the cat.


Hand2Hand said...

It's no secret that our government and the former Soviet government were doing experiments in ESP.

An aquaintance once told me about when he was in the army he did some tarot card readings for the other guys in the barracks.

One day, he got a call to report to his C.O. There was a general and a couple of guys in suits he never met before. The C.O. told him that he knew about the tarot card readings. He asked my aquaintance if he would be interested in having his abilities tested by some guys in the Pentagon.

My aquaintance told them that it was just a game and he had no psychic abilities. That was that.

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